UNI-T LM Series Laser Rangefinder

Brand UNI-T LM series laser rangefinders are portable long distance measurement tools. They are ergonomically designed with high accuracy for a wide range of applications from leisure to professional including hunting, sailing, large scale hauling, large area surveying, and more. Its built-in rechargeable Lithium battery ensures long operation runtime. The 7x optical zoom design can measure distance, angle, and calculate Pythagorean relationships.

Main Features

Pulse laser Harmless to eyes
Fast distance measurement/LCD display
Silent operation Auto power off system
General Characterisitics
Power 3.7V Li-ion battery 1500mAh
Product color Red and grey
Product net weight 230g
Product size 114mm x 76mm x 48mm
Standard accessories Carrying bag, hanging cord, USB interface cable
Standard individual packing Gift box, English manual
Standard quantity per carton 6pcs
Standard carton measurement 350mm x 315mm x 112mm
Standard carton gross weight LM600/LM800: 2.6kg; LM1000/LM1200/LM1500: 2.94kg
Technical Specification
Specifications LM600 LM800 LM1000 LM1200 LM1500
Distance range 5~600yd 5~800yd 5~1000yd 5~1200yd 5~1500yd
Accuracy ±1yd ± DX 0.2%
Magnification 7X
Objective caliber 25mm
Height 250yd 300yd 450yd 500yd 600yd
Height error ±0.5yd
Velocity range 0-300km/h
Angle ±60°
Angle error ±1°


UNI-T’s new LM series laser rangefinders enable accurate measurement of height, distance, and angle. The new speed measurement function adopts low power pulsed laser that is safe for the eyes. The new and improved LM series laser rangefinders are perfect tools for a wide variety of applications such as engineering surveying, power line inspection, building construction, navigation, golf, and hunting.

Laser Rangefinder can be applied to engineering surveying and measurement, power line inspection, forestry prospect & design, constructions building, internet planning survey & design, communication repairing, navigation measuring, animal surveying and hunting etc.