SUP-DM2800 Dissolved Oxygen Meter

UP-DM2800 Dissolved oxygen is the measure of oxygen dissolved in an aqueous solution. Polarographic measurement principle, the dissolution value depends on the temperature of the aqueous solution, pressure and salinity in solution

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The meter uses a liquid crystal display for measuring and displaying DO and medium temperature values, with analog and digital signal outputs and control functions.

• Sewage treatment plants:
  Oxygen measurement and regulation in the activated sludge basin for a highly efficient biological cleaning process
• Environmental protection water monitoring:
  Oxygen measurement in rivers, lakes or seas as an indicator of the water quality
• Water treatment:
  Oxygen measurement for status monitoring of drinking water for example (oxygen enrichment, corrosion protection etc.)
• Fish farming:
  Oxygen measurement and regulation for optimum living and growth conditions
Host is fixed: the transmitter can be Paneled, Piped, wall-mounted installation.
Panel installation: requested to stay in the power distribution box on the Panel 138X138mm Square hole, the transmitters are attached to cage back into, and 4 M5 tighten screws.

Tested units % / ppm / mg/l / TEMP.
Range % 0¡«200 %£¨According to the electrode£©
mg/l 0¡«20.00 mg/l£¨According to the electrode£©
ppm 0¡«20.00 ppm£¨According to the electrode£©
TEMP 0¡«100°C£¨According to the electrode£©
Resolution % 0.1 %
mg/l 0.01 mg/l / 0.001 mg/l
ppm 0.01 ppm / 0.001ppm
Accuracy % ±0.5% of reading ±1Digit
mg/l ±0.5% of reading ±1Digit
ppm ±0.5% of reading ±1Digit
TEMP ±0.2°C± 1Digit with temperature correction
Temperature compensation 0¡«50°C NTC30K/NTC22K automation compensation
0¡«50°C manual temperature compensation
Salinity compensation 0.0¡«45.0 ppt manual compensation
Pressure compensation Compensation range£º0.500¡«2.500bar or 7.25¡«36.25psi manual adjustment
Calibration mode Single point or two points calibrations
Working environment temperature 0¡«50°C
Storage environment temperature -10¡«70°C
Display Large backlight LCD display, automatic and manual backlight sensor selection
Output current 1 Isolation-programming 4~20mA corresponding Dissolved oxygen Measuring range, maximum load 500 W
Output current 2 Isolation programming 4~20mA corresponding the temperature range, Max. load 500 W
Communication interface
Relay control Contact output RELAY ON/OFF £¬240VAC 0.5A Max.
Setting Set of two independent HI/LO Control point , Hysteresis setting
Cleaning setting ON 0~9999 seconds / OFF 0~999.9 hours
Protection level IP65
Power supply 100V~240VAC±10%£¬50/60Hz 20V~40VDC, Imax.=0.5A
Installation methods Wall mounted/ Piped / Paneled
Meter size 144 mm ´ 144 mm ´ 115 mm (H´W´D)
Hole size 138 mm ´ 138 mm (H´W)
Weight 0.8Kg