CA-YD-130 Piezoelectric Accelerometer

Piezoelectric Accelerometer. Sensitivity is 3pC/g. Frequcny 2 to 5000Hz.Weight is 2.8g.

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High shock and vibration measurement.
Small size, wide frequency response.


Axial Sensitivity ¡«3pC/g
Transverse Sensitivity ≤5 £¥
Frequency Response£¨Refer to the Frequency curve£©5% 2 ¡«5,000 Hz
Mounting Resonance Frequency 20,000 Hz
Temperature Response Refer to the temperature curve
Polarity Positive
Insulation Resistance £¾109  Ω
Capacitance ¡«300 pF
Operating Temp. Range -40¡«+150 ¡æ
Range 2,000g
Thermal Transient Sensitivity 10mg/¡æ(0.3Hz)
Magnetic Sensitivity 1g/T
Base Strain Sensitivity 2mg/με
Weight 2.8g
Case Material Stainless steel
Mounting Method Glue or fixture
Sensing Element PZT-5
Structural Design Shear
Output L5
Sensor Certificate Calibration Parameter, frequency response curve
L5/L5 STYV-1(2m) One