BWS WS-H60/H61 Handheld Vibrometer

The WS-H Series Handheld Vibrometer may be used to measure four parameters. It has the function of measurement data hold, automatic shutdown and other features.Generally,vibrometer is a two beam laser interferometer that measures the frequency (or phase) difference between an internal reference beam and a test beam. The most common type of laser in an LDV is the helium–neon laser, although laser diodes, fiber lasers, and Nd:YAG lasers are also used.

Main Features
It has the function of measurement data hold,
It can also be used for fault diagnosis of rotating machinery and reciprocating machinery by measuring the vibration of high-frequency acceleration of rotating machinery, bearings and gears.
It can measure the vibration of acceleration, velocity and displacement.
With automatic power shutdown function to save electricity
Handheld Vibrometers are widely used in machinery manufacturing, electrical, chemical and other fields.


Technical Specifications
1) Measuring Range
High Frequency Acceleration:(H) (Single Peak):0.1 ~ 199.9m/s2
Acceleration:(A) (Single Peak):0.1 ~ 199.9 m
Velocity: (V) (RMS):0.1 ~ 199.9 m/s
Displacement: (D) (Peak-Peak):1 ~ 199 µm2) Model
WS-H60 External acceleration sensors
WS-H61 Built-in acceleration sensor

3) Frequency Range
High Frequency Acceleration: >1KHz
Velocity: 10Hz ~ 1kHz
Displacement: 10Hz ~ 500Hz

4) Accuracy: ±5%( ±2 Digital Number)
5) Temperature: 0 ~ 40°C
6) Dimension: 150x25x20mm
7) Weight: 100g (Include sensor)
8) Battery: Rechargeable and may continuous work for more than 2 hours.