BWS WS-3821S Static and Dynamic Strain Gauge Unit

WS-3821S strain gauge unit comes equipped with the latest digital technology and is small and highly integrated. It has fully programmable features and can easily be used for laboratory and field testing.

Main Features

1) Bridge voltage, bridge mode, gain, filter range, bridge balance, and correction can be set up by the menu;
2) Static and dynamic strain measurement;
3) Supports full, half and 1/4 bridge;
4) Stain measurement range: maximum ±999999µE;
5) The instrument box has sturdy chassis, has small size, lightweight and easy for field test;
6) When the instrument is far from the experiment site, you can use an external bridge box for measurement. Bridge voltage is not affected by wire length (resistance) since the instrument has the feature to provide compensation for any voltage drop;
7) Each unit has an independent power supply to facilitate in any combination with other instruments;
8) The internal reference source for calibration to ensure the accuracy of the instrument to use for a long time;
9) Static display output voltage by OLED;
10) All parameter may be set by one rotary encoder push button;

Technical Specifications

1) Measuring method: Static and dynamic strain measurement;
2) Channel: 1 channel / per unit;
3) Bridge excitation voltage:
Selectable bridge voltage: 2V, 5V, 10V;
Supply bridge voltage accuracy error: <1%;
table bridge voltage power supply error: <0.05%; Rear Panel
ridge voltage power supply maximum output current: 50mA;
4) Measuring range and sensitivity
Programmable Range (2V Bridge volt): 1st position (encoder switch position) ±9999µE, 2nd position ±99999µE, 3rd position ±999999µE;
Output Sensitivity: 1st position ±1000µE / V, 2nd position ±10000µE / V (2V Bridge volt), 3rd position ±10000µE / V (2V Bridge volt);
5) Bridge Balance:
Balancing method: DA programmable automatic balance;
DA Accuracy: 16 Bits;
Balance range: 2 times measuring range
6) Amplifier input characteristics:
Input methods: double-ended differential input;
Input impedance: 10^10 Ohm
Common mode rejection (CMR): 110dB;
Input Protection: When the input voltage exceeds ±10V, the whole amplifier Protects itself from overload;
7) Error and zero drift:
Indication error (accuracy error): <0.2% (measured after 1 hour warmup);
Stability indication error: <0.05% / h (measured after 1 hour warmup);
Nonlinearity error: <0.05% / h (FS);
Zero drift: <±2 / 2h;
Temperature drift: <1E/ µãC (in working temperature range);
8) Filter:
Filtering Method: Programmable Filtering;
Programmable low pass filter: 1Hz to 50kHz;
The attenuation of the filter is -80dB/Oct;
9) Frequency Range: DC to 50kHz;
10)Noise: Noise for dynamic strain measurement <5µVrms; (When the input is short-circuited, max gain and max bandwidth is reduced to input );
11) Output
Output resistance: <1 OhmWS-3821S_f2
Output voltage: ±10V;
Output current: 15mA;
12) Strain Gauge (Optional: Inner Bridge)
Resistance: 120 Ohm
Strain Gauge: Standard 120 Ohm
Strain sensor sensitivity K=2;
Standard strain gauge’s cable length: 2m;
Range of Strain Gauge: 60 Ohm to 10000 Ohm (Optional);
13) Working Temperature Range: 0ãC 50ãC
14) Humidity: Ü85%RH;
15) Power supply: 9V~18V (DC)
16) Dimension: W50 x H125 x D220mm;
17) Power Supply: 9~18VDC;
18) Weight: 1kg
19) Case dimension: W80 x H225 x D275mm