BCM LV38 Liquid Level Transmitters For Flange Mounting

Based on BCM piezoresistive technology, model LV38 liquid level transmitters are designed for gauge pressure (relative pressure) application in liquid level measurement. The process connection of LV38 transmitter is a flange, which allows LV38 to be able to measure viscous and corrosive pressure media, such as fluids or fluids with grains. Corrosive media can be measured by choosing the material of the process connection as Hastelloy-C or Monel.

The measuring pressure range of LV38 liquid level transmitters spans from 0~0.5mH O to 0~200mH O. These transmitters can be provided with output signal of 4~20mA (HART is optional), 1~5V, 0~5V, 0~10V, or I C. These transmitters are also equipped with a 4½ digits LCD display. The measuring accuracy of LV38 level transmitter is up to 0.25%fs (fs = full scale). The media temperature range is -40~+125 ⁰C.


Measuring Range 0~1mH2O, …, ~200mH2O
Pressure Type gauge
Accuracy up to ±0.25%fs

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