BCM Diaphragm Strain Gauges

BCM SENSOR diaphragm KA-series strain gauges are specially developed for manufacturing precision pressure sensors, while the KC-series strain gauge are for manufacturing precision force transducers.

For the purpose of the specific application, the full-bridge strain gauges are temperature and creep compensated, and they can be either encapsulated or open-face according to the requirement.

The karma gauges can be manufactured with effective modulus compensation (EMC). The EMC gauges are mostly for manufacturing low-cost force transducers, because with the EMC gauges the manufacturers can eliminate the use of compensation resistors and achieve the sensitivity compensation.

For creep compensation, there are 18 creep codes: “N10, N9, N8, …, O, …, P5, P6, P7″. The “N10” is the most negative creep code, while the “P7″ is the most positive one. The “O” stands for a moderate creep code. For a specific strain gauge, please find its available creep code below its dimensions at the “Option *9″ on the following pages. For a customized creep code, consult BCM SENSOR.

For more information on self-temperature compensation (STC), creep compensation, and EMC of strain gauges, please refer to the corresponding articles respectively on the website of BCM SENSOR.

Key Specifications:

Pattern diaphragm for pressure measurement: KA, KA(A), KA(B); diaphragm for force measurement: KC, KC(A), KC(B)
Nominal Resistance 350Ω, …, 3000Ω
Backing Material modified phenolic resin (F), modified polyimide resin (I), laminated polyetherketone (B), advanced laminated polyimide (A), laminated polyimide (L)
Working Temperature Range -30~+80°C for backing F, -85~+150°C for backing I, -45~+150°C for backing B, -195~+200°C for backing A, -55~+150°C for backing L
Tolerance Of Resistance <±0.1%
Gauge Factor constantan: 2.1±0.1, karma: 2.03±0.17
Gauge Factor Dispersion <±1%
Maximum Working Strain ±5000µε
Strain Limit up to ±30000µε
Fatigue Life >10^7 at 1000µε

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