BCM 1966/1996 Static Torque Transducers For Robot Joints

Model 1966/1996 static torque transducer is specially designed for testing wrist joints of walking robots and for providing high-fidelity torque measurements in robotics.

Thanks to the advanced strain gauge technology from BCM SENSOR, the 1966/1996 can offer excellent non-linearity down to 0.2%fs with high stability. The transducers can work symmetrically, i.e., measuring torques in both directions: clockwise (positive torque) and anti-clockwise (negative torque).

The difference between the 1966 and 1996 is in its body material. The body of 1966 is made from aluminum alloy while that of 1996 is made from stainless steel.

Key Specifications:

Capacity 10 Nm, …, 100 Nm
Accuracy up to ±0.5%fs

For detail information and specification. please contact SENSOR.in