BCM 115C Differential Pressure Sensors High Static Pressure

The model 115C is a capacitive differential pressure sensor, based on the BCM metal capacitor technology. The sensing element is composed of two stationary capacitor plates and one movable sensing diaphragm. The sensing diaphragm is located between the two capacitor plates, and it forms two separated chambers together with each capacitor plate.

The whole sensing element is packaged in a 316L SS (stainless steel) housing which is filled with silicone oil. Through the filling oil, measured pressures can be transferred from two 316L SS isolating diaphragms to the sensing element. If these two pressures are different, the sensing plate will be forced to move closer to one of the capacitor plates. As a result, the electrical output signal can be created by means of the capacitance change between the sensing plate and the two capacitor plates.

For different applications, there are different types of fill fluid available for this model. The sensor can be filled with the standard type-A fluid for common industry of general purpose, with the type-B fluid suitable for oxygen industry, or with the type-C fluid suitable for tobacco industry.

The 115C is designed to have a wide variety of pressure ranges from 0~75 mbar differential (D) pressure to 0~413.7 bar gauge (G) pressure with an accuracy up to 0.2%fs (full scale). Owing to the large diameter diaphragm, the sensor is enabled to measure viscous fluids or fluids with particles, and it is also compatible with corrosive media. Tantalum, Hastelloy-C, or Monel diaphragms are available on request for stronger corrosive media applications. The 115C which can be sealed by O-rings features wetted parts with a diameter of 40.8mm.

Key Specifications:

Pressure Range 0~75mbar, …, ~68.9bar (differential)
0~75mbar, …, ~413.7bar (gauge)
0~374mbar, …, ~68.9bar (absolute)
Pressure Type differential, gauge, absolute
Static Pressure / Overload Pressure up to 520 bar
Output Signal capacitance in pF
Accuracy up to ±0.2%fs

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