BCM 101B(A19D) Differential Pressure Sensors Low Static Pres

The model 101B(a19D) is a low-profile compensated differential pressure sensor, based on the BCM SE103 piezoresistive silicon sensor die. The sensing element is packaged in a 316L SS (stainless steel) housing where silicone oil is filled.

Through the filling oil, measured pressure can be transferred from the 316L SS diaphragm to the sensing element. The 101B(a19D) which can be sealed by an O-ring features wetted parts with a diameter of 19mm.The 101B(a19D) is designed for differential pressure measurement from 0~0.1bar to 0~20bar with accuracy up to 0.5%fs (full scale). Owing to the flush diaphragm, the sensor is enabled to measure viscous fluids or fluids with particles, and it is also compatible with corrosive media.

Key Specifications:

Pressure Range 0~0.1 bar, …, ~20 bar
Pressure Type differential
Static Pressure / Overload Pressure 1000%fs (max. 50 bar)
Output Signal ≥ 12mV @5Vdc
Accuracy up to ±0.5%fs

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