BCM 101B(A12.6H) Pressure Sensors Of Small Diameter

The 101B(a12.6H) is a pressure sensor of a smaller diameter for general purpose. The 101B(a12.6H) is designed for pressure measurements involving hostile media compatible with 316L stainless steel.

The sensor is based on BCM’s piezoresistive sensor die housed in a stainless steel body where oil is filled. The filling oil is isolated from measured media by a stainless steel diaphragm.

Compared with the 101B(a19G), the 101B(a12.6H) has not only smaller dimensions but higher rated pressure up to 1000bar. Its pressure reference has two selections, sealed gauge and absolute pressure.
The method by which the 101B(a12.6H) can be fixed and sealed is either face welding or O-ring fitting.

Key Specifications:

Pressure Range 0~10bar, …, ~35bar (gauge)
0~10bar, …, ~400bar (absolute)
0~600bar, ~1000bar (sealed gauge)
Pressure Type Gauge, Absolute, Sealed Gauge
Output Signal ≥50mV
Accuracy up to ±0.25%fs

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