BCM 315M Differential Pressure Transducers For Differential

The model 315M is a capacitive differential pressure transducer with all welded stainless steel construction. BCM 115C differential pressure sensor is integrated inside the 315M.

BCM 115C differential pressure sensor is integrated inside the 315M. Thanks to the unique structure of the metal capacitive working principle, the 315M transducer can measure low differential pressure down to 0~15mbar and sustain high static pressure up to 312bar.

Different types of fill fluid are available for this model for different applications. The fill fluid can be the standard type-A fluid for the common industry of general-purpose, the type-B fluid suitable for the oxygen industry, or the type-C fluid suitable for the tobacco industry.

With the large diameter diaphragms, the 315M can measure the pressure of either viscous paste or fluids containing solid particles. Moreover, Tantalum, Hastelloy-C, or Monel diaphragms are available on request for more corrosive media applications in case 316L stainless steel is no longer applicable.

For temperature measurement, a temperature sensor (e.g., a thermal resistor, a thermistor, or a thermal diode) can be integrated into the 315M on request.

Pressure Range 0~15mbar, …, ~68.9bar (differential)
0~75mbar, …, ~413.7bar (gauge)
0~374mbar, …, ~68.9bar (absolute)
Pressure Type differential, gauge, absolute
Static Pressure / Overload Pressure up to 520 bar
Output Signal capacitance in pF, 4~20mA
Accuracy up to ±0.2%fs