Vib'SYS Digital Signal Processing and Analysis Software

This set of software of vibration signal acquisition, processing and analysis was developed on the basis of many years of practical experience in the vibration testing projects. The software has been applied to a variety of vibration testing. It has provided a complete set of vibration signal analysis tools to solve practical vibration engineering problems. Researchers as well as students can process and analyze various vibration signals without the need of developing any programs. It is convenient to use for both experienced vibration analyzers and non-professionals. Our company provides complete software application training, technical support and detailed operation instructions.

Software Configuration
Operating System: Microsoft Windows98, Me, 2000, XP
Computer: Desktop PC, Notebook PC and Compatible Computer

Software Panel

Software Modules

Modules Contents
Auto Power Spectral Density, Cross Power Spectral Density, Forward Fast Fourier Transform. Inverse Fast Fourier Transform, Coherency Function, Transfer Function(Response Spectrum), Auto Correlation, Cross Correlation, Acceleration Response Spectrum.
Filter Fourier Lower Pass Filter, Fourier Band Pass Filter, Fourier High Pass Filter, Fourier Bandstop Filter
Signal Add Constant, Signal Multiply Constant, Signal Addition, Signal Subtraction, Signal Multiplication, Signal Division, Signal Clipper Up Limit, Signal Clipper Lower Limit, Signal Clear to Zero, Signal Inverse, Signal Superimposition, Amplitude and Phase Convert to Real Part and Image Part, Real Part and Image Part Convert to Amplitude and Phase, Signal Subtract by Mean Value.
Sine Function, Cosine Function, Tangent Function, Hyperbolic Sine Function, Hyperbolic Cosine Function, Hyperbolic Tangent Function, Arcsine Function, Arccosine Function, Arctangent Function, Base 10 Logarithm, Natural Logarithm, Exponential, Square Root, Square, Abstract, Integration, Mean Value Integration, Differentiation.
Plotting Time Domain Display and Plot, Frequency Domain Display and Plot, Frequency Domain Period Display and Plot, X-Y Trace Display and Plot, Array Display and Plot in Frequency Domain or Time Domain.
Generation of Rectangle Wave, Sine Wave, Triangle Wave, T-Shaped Wave¬Wave and Tooth Wave with Frequency Sweep Function, Amplitude Sweep Function, Fading In and Fading Out Function. Generation of Random Wave with Entered APSD Spectrum, Generation of Beat Wave and White Noise Wave. Generation of Artificial Earthquake Time History according to its Acceleration Response Spectrum.
Integration &
Signal Integration (Converting Acceleration Time History to Velocity or Displacement),
Signal Differentiation (Converting Displacement or Velocity Time History to Acceleration Time History).
Data Listing, File Definition, Mean Value Calculation, Max & Min Value Calculation, Signal Copy, Signal Moving, Data Editing.
Oscilloscope, Low Speed Acquisition, High Speed Acquisition, Data Calibration.
Model Test
By Impact
Multi-point Exciting (Force Pulse) and Single Point Response (Acceleration Response). Single Point Exciting (Force Pulse) and Multi-point Response (Acceleration Response). Capable of calculating Transfer Function, Fast Fourier Transform, Auto Power Spectral Density, Auto Power Spectral Density, Coherency Function. Capable of Plotting Function of Modulus, Phase, Real Component, Imaginary Component, Modulus and Phase, Real and Imaginary Component.
Shaking Table Controller Shaking Table Control System of Nonlinear Iteration and Compensation. Control is available for Sweep of Sine Wave, Random Signal, Earthquake Time History.

Some Panels of the Software

  Plot panel in time domain

Plot panel in frequency domain
  Plotted curve in time domain

Plotted curve in frequency domain
  Spectral Analysis Panel  

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