Sndway Laser Distance Meter Telescope

Brand Sndway laser distance meter telescope and multifunctional meterage angle meterage distance telescope is a portable optoelectronic device combining The laser distance meter and a monocular in one.It can measure the distance of a stationary or slowly moving object within a certain range, and at the same time, can observe the object with great clearness.

Main Features
High accuracy
Short measuring time
Low power consumption
Automatic shutoff for power saving
This device can simultaneously measure the distances and angle of the target
Technical Specifications

 Measuring range and model  5-800M  (SW800)
5-1200M  (SW1200)
5-1500M  (SW1500)
 Measuring Accuracy  ±1.0M
 Angle range  ±60° (Only multifunctional model
 Magnification  6X
 Objective caliber  25.0mm
 Eyepiece caliber  16.0mm
 Exit pupil caliber  3.8mm
 Diopter adjustable range  ±5
 Battery  CR2/3V
 Weight of the body  185g
 Laser wave length  905nm
 Working temperature  -20-50°C
 Viewing angle  7°
 Size  104x72x41mm

Inside the box: Main unit-1PCS , Master bag-1PCS ,Holding rope: 1PCS,CR2 battery ,Cleaning cloth,Manual.