LabTone Bump Test Machine

Components and other electronic and electrical products may experience repeating impact during transportation or use. A bump test can be used as a method to ensure the satisfaction of the design structure or as a quality assurance method. The specimen will experience regular peak acceleration and continuous impact with a standard pulse during the bump test.

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Model SKM500 SKM700 SKM800 SKM1000
Table size(mm) 500*700 700*800 800*800 1000*1000
Payload(kg) 50 100 200 500
Waveform                                                 Half sine pulse
Acceleration range(G) 5-120 5-100 5-100 5-80
Pulse duration(ms)                                                      6–18
Bump repetition frequency 1-120 1-120 1-120 1-80
Drop height range 5-120mm 5-120mm 5-120mm 5-180mm
Max velocity variation 2.2m/s 2.2m/s 2.6m/s 2.8m/s
Machine dimension(mm) 750*660*800 900*900*800 900*960*800 1200*1150*860
Machine weight(kg) 1000 1260 2160 3660
Power & Air supply AC220V ±10% 50Hz Air supply:8kg 23m3 gasholder
Standards GB/T2423.4,GB/T2423.6, IEC68-2-29, JJG497-2000, JISC0042-1995 etc

SKM500-Payload:50 kg, SKM700-Payload:100 kg, SKM800-Payload:200 kg, SKM500-Payload:500 kg