CA-YD-140 Piezoelectric Accelerometer

Piezoelectric Accelerometer. Sensitivity is 2pC/g. Frequency is 5 to 10000Hz.Weight is 1.4g.

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● High shock and vibration measurement
● Small size and wide frequency response
● Overall attachment output
● Central ¢2 through hole, universal mounting


Axial Sensitivity 2pC/g
Transverse Sensitivity ≤5 %
Frequency Response(Refer to the Frequency curve)5% 5 ~10,000 Hz
Mounting Resonance Frequency 40,000 Hz
Temperature Response Refer to the temperature curve
Polarity Positive
Insulation Resistance >109  Ω
Capacitance ~1000 pF
Operating Temp. Range -40~+150 ℃
Range 2000 g
Shock Limit 5000 g
Thermal Transient Sensitivity 50mg/℃(0.3Hz)
Magnetic Sensitivity 0.5g/T
Base Strain Sensitivity 5mg/με
Weight 1.4g(except cable)
Case Material Aluminum alloy
Mounting Method φ2 through hole or glue
Sensing Element PZT-5
Structural Design shear
Output Side overall cable or M3socket(A)
Sensor Certificate Calibration parameter,
frequency response curve
M2 bolt One
Overall connections STYV1-1 (0.5m)