BWS WS-5931S Data Acquisition Unit (WIFI)

WS-5931S series data acquisition unit (WIFI) uses computer network technology to connect with computer. The series uses a very sophisticated collection of 100 MB Ethernet and wireless communication technology, TCP/TP protocol. It can be used for a variety of desktop and notebook computers for data acquisition.


WS-5931S is designed to work with standard ethernet RJ45 connector and cable. It can be used for a variety of desktop and notebook computers for data acquisition. It is used for remote monitoring and control. It inherits the characteristics of the company’s acquisition products such as high precision, high speed, and easy to use advantages. Hence It is more suitable for field testing.


1) The data acquisition unit can work at a remote place and can be placed anywhere within 100 meters from the computer. The data acquisition unit can be placed close to the signal source. In this way, it may shorten the length of the signal cables, reduce noise, and improve test accuracy.
2) The data acquisition unit is standard network equipment. It can be connected to a local area network. The unit can be easily connected and shared in the network. It suitably contributes as a distributed acquisition system. It is more convenient for remote acquisition.
3) It is adaptable to any computer without the need for any special drivers. Since using standard network protocols, it can be communicated with any computer and any operating system as long as the network interface can be easily connected for acquisition. Rich programming support, Fast and reliable data transfer ensures the reliability of the data based on TCP/IP protocol. Easy connection, plugin or plug out.
4) It can be connected by the router and controlled with a laptop in WIFI wireless mode too.


A/D Resolution 16Bits 24Bits
A/D Max sample 200kS/s 62kS/s/Per Channel
Accuracy 0.03% 0.01%
Stability 0.02%/h 0.02%/h
Linearity 0.015% 0.015%
Input Noise ≤0.2mVrms (at max gain and max bandwidth when input is short-circuited) ≤0.5mVrms (at max gain and max bandwidth when input is short-circuited)
Max frequency range 40kHz single channel. 12kHz each channel
Analog input channels 4, 8 8, 4 (With IEPE Integrated)
Analog input range ±10V ±10V
Programmable Gain 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 1, 10, 100, 1000
Synchronous acquisition No Synchronous
Analog input mode Single-ended input Differential or single-ended input, IEPE input
Analog input
connection type
A/D Data cache 20MB
Storage 2~16GB SD Card (Optional)
Interface Ethernet (RJ45)
Power supply 9~18VDC
Dimension / Weight W50×H125×D240mm / 1kg
Case dimension W80×H220×D275mm

Standard Accessories

1.WS-5931S 1
2.Power adapter AC220V to DC12V 1
3.Ethernet cable 1
4.Case 1

 Order models

Model Channel Resolution Others
WS-5931S-16-4 4 16
WS-5931S-16-8 8 16
WS-5931S-24-8 8 24 synchronous
WS-5931S-24-4 4 24 synchronous
WS-5931S-24-4I 4 24 synchronous, IEPE integrated