BWS WS-3811 Strain Gauge Signal Acquisition System

The WS-3811 series strain gauge signal acquisition system is based on up to date digital control and acquisition technology. The instrument has been highly integrated and the gain and cutoff frequency of the filter are controlled by program. It can Directly acquire strain signal and convert that to digital data using computer’s USB or Ethernet (TCP/IP protocol) interface.


• Fully programming control.
• With the USB computer interface, the system directly connects to the computer.
• With an Ethernet interface (Optional), the system works on TCP/IP protocol. Multiple instruments are able to connect through Ethernet by the network switch. Ethernet cable may extend up to 100 meters with network cable and several kilometers with optical fiber. It is suitable for long-distance strain measurement.
• Static strain, dynamic strain, and voltage measurement.
• Measuring strain range is ±50000µE.
• The instrument case is stable and light. It is suitable for field experiments.
• Single Instrument may have up to 16 channels. Multiple instruments may be connected through the ethernet network.
• Compatible with MS Windows OS.

Ethernet Working Method (Maximum 8 Sets of The Instrument):


Technical Specifications:

• Measuring method: Static and dynamic strain measurement, voltage measurement.
• Channel number: 4, 8, 16channels. Multi-channel may consist of multi-instrument through an Ethernet network.
• Computer Interface: USB or Ethernet port with 10/100BaseT.
• Programmable Control.
• Measurement Range: Strain gain 1:±4000µE; Strain gain2: ±40000µE; Voltage:±5V.
• Sensitivity: 1000µE/V; 10000µE/V.
• Measuring Veracity: 0.5%FS.
• Digital Filter (Program Control).
• Filter Mode: 8 levels ellipse low-pass filter.
• Cutoff frequency from 10Hz~50 kHz programmable.
• The undulation of the smoothness of the filter is less than 0.1dB during f<0.5fo.
• The attenuation of the filter is -80dB/Oct.
• Programmable frequency range is from DC~50 kHz.
• linearity: 0.1%FS.
• Strain Gauge.
• Gauge resistor is 120ohms. It may make 1/4 gauge, half gauge, and full gauge.
• Strain sensor: 120ohms.
• Strain sensor sensitivity K=2.
• Bright excitation voltage is ±1V.
• Automatic balance.
• Standard strain gauge’s cable length is 2m.
• Excursion.
• Time excursion <3µE/2 per hour.
• Working temperature excursion <1µE/°C.
• Working Temperature Range:0°C~50°C.
• Noise.
• Dynamic Measuring Ratio of Signal and Noise>40dB.
• Static Measuring Ratio of Signal and Noise<1µE.
• Supply: AC220V/50Hz; DC12V.
• Dimension: 330*300*135mm.
• Weight.
• For 4 channel and 8 channel about 3Kg.
• For 16 channel about 4Kg.
• Software: The software functions are still and dynamic strain measurement, oscilloscope, compensation of sensitivity factor (K), stress calculation, curve display and plot, data structure conversion for Word, MatLab, and Excel.