BWS WS-2411 Charge Amplifier with Optional Data Acquisition

The charge amplifier comes equipped with the latest technology and digital control with OLED display. The conditioner is suitable for general-purpose piezoelectric signal.

1. Overview

The charge amplifier comes equipped with the latest technology and digital control with OLED display. The conditioner is suitable for the general-purpose piezoelectric signal. The Voltage output from the amplifier is proportional to the input charge signal. It also acts as a conditioner for piezoelectric sensors. It may measure mechanical vibration and shock. This product is widely used in aerospace and aviation research, steel factory construction, power plant construction, and teaching experiments for laboratory. It is suitable for research and teaching. WS-2411 also comes with the option of a data acquisition system (included with this equipment).

2. Main Features

2.1 0.96 inch OLED display screen displays parameters setting;
2.2 Overload light indicator indicates input overload;
2.3 Built-in dual integral circuit (one or two times integration);
2.4 Low noise and wide frequency band; OLED Display
2.5 8 order elliptic low pass filter. Programmable filtering frequency from 1 Hz to 50 kHz. Filters stopband attenuation – 80dB/Oct;
2.6 Setting up equipment using encoder switch may solve the problem or the shortcomings of the traditional switch type cause undesirable and poor anti-interference ability;
2.7 Analog signal output for data acquisition device (optional);

3. Technical Specifications

3.1 Channel: 2 8;
3.2 0.96 Inch OLED display screen can display the setting parameters directly;
3.3 Charge Input Range: À100000pC;
3.4 Gain: 6 Blocks;
3.5 Normalized Charge Parameter Range: 0.1 999;
3.6 Accuracy:
Acceleration: <±0.5%,
Velocity: <±0.5%,
Displacement: <±2.0%;
3.7 Frequency Range:
Acceleration: 0.3Hz to 50kHz,
Velocity: 1.0Hz to 10kHz,
Displacement: 1.0Hz to 1kHz;
3.8 Low-pass filter:
Programmable 8 order elliptic low pass filtering,
Programmable low-pass filter frequency: 1Hz 50 kHz,
Flters stopband attenuation: – 80dB/Oct;
3.9 Output voltage: ±10V;
3.10 Output current: 15mA
3.11 Over load display: -9.8V > Output Signal > +9.8V;
3.12 Output noise: <0.005pC (Referred to the input with highest gain);
3.13 Input resistance: 5×10^-12Ohm
3.14 Output resistance: <1.0Ohm
3.15 No-linear error: <0.5%;
3.16 Working temperature and humidity -10°C to 50°C and <85%RH;
3.15 Connector:
Input connector: 10-32UNF (M5 hole) for charge input,
Output connector: Female BNC;
3.16 Power supply: 100 240VAC;
3.17 Power consumption: 3.5W/Ch.;
3.18 Dimension: W265 x H170 x D365mm and Weight: 5.5kg (2 4 Channels) ,
Dimension: W365 x H170 x D365mm and Weight: 7.0kg (5 8 Channels) ;

4. Data Acquisition Specification

4.1 USB or ethernet interface;
4.2 Max sample frequency:
200kS/s or 500kS/s for USB interface,
200kS/s for ethernet interface;
4.3 A/D Resolution: 16Bits;
4.4 Analogue input channels: 2 to 8;
4.5 Analogue input range:±10V;
4.6 Input impedance: >100M Ohm
4.7 Programable gain: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16;
4.8 Optional synchronous acquisition;

5. Accessories

WS-2411 1
Power Cable 1
BNC-BNC Cable 1/Channel
Manual 1
Case 1