BCM Shear Strain Gauges

BCM SENSOR shear strain gauges are specially developed for manufacturing precision force and torque transducers which employ shear beam working principle. For the purpose of this specific application, the shear strain gauges are temperature and creep compensated, and they can be either encapsulated or open-faced according to the requirement.

The karma gauges can be manufactured with effective modulus compensation (EMC). The EMC gauges are mostly for manufacturing low-cost force transducers, because with the EMC gauges the manufacturers can eliminate the use of compensation resistors and achieve the sensitivity compensation.

For creep compensation, there are 18 creep codes: “N10, N9, N8, …, O, …, P5, P6, P7″. The “N10” is the most negative creep code, while the “P7″ is the most positive one. The “O” stands for a moderate creep code. For a specific strain gauge, please find its available creep code below its dimensions at the “Option *9″ on the following pages. For a customized creep code, consult BCM SENSOR.

For more information on self-temperature compensation (STC), creep compensation, and EMC of strain gauges, please refer to the corresponding articles respectively on the website of BCM SENSOR.


Pattern 1 grid / shear (or torsion): AB, AC; 2 grids / shear (or torsion): HA, HA(A), HA(B), HA(C)
Nominal Resistance 350Ω, …, 3000Ω
Backing Material modified phenolic resin (F), modified polyimide resin (I), laminated polyetherketone (B), advanced laminated polyimide (A), laminated polyimide (L)
Working Temperature Range -30~+80°C for backing F, -85~+150°C for backing I, -45~+150°C for backing B, -195~+200°C for backing A, -55~+150°C for backing L
Tolerance Of Resistance <±0.1%
Gauge Factor constantan: 2.1±0.1, karma: 2.03±0.17
Gauge Factor Dispersion <±1%
Maximum Working Strain ±5000µε
Strain Limit up to ±30000µε
Fatigue Life >10^7 at 1000µε

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