BCM LV39 Liquid Level Transducers And Transmitters With Over

Model LV39 submersible liquid level transducers and transmitters is designed for applications which may have overvoltage or lightening risk. Both the overvoltage protection and short-circuit protection are integrated in this model. Thanks to these protections, the LV39 can be used to measure level of the flammable media by submerged into such media.

The measuring range of LV39 transmitters spans from 0~1 to 0~200 meter water column (mH2O) with measuring accuracy up to 0.25%fs (fs = full scale). The output signal of transmitters can be configured to either current loop (4~20mA, standard), voltage output (0~5V, 0~10V), or digital output (I2C). The millivolt signal directly from the Wheatstone bridge circuit is also available on request (transducer version).


Measuring Range 0~1mH2O, …, ~200mH2O
Pressure Type gauge
Accuracy up to ±0.25%fs

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