BCM 315T Smart Differential Pressure Transmitters

Model 315T series smart differential pressure transmitters are made of BCM 115C capacitive pressure sensors, the transmitters obtain all the specifications of it, and extend the measuring ability to gauge pressure and absolute pressure.

These pressure transmitters are often used to measure the differential pressures in mbar scale with rather high accuracy, for differential pressure, gauge pressure and absolute pressure applications, the transmitter can measure them in a very wide ranges.

Thanks to the integrated electronics, output of these pressure transmitters is standard signal of 4~20 mA with HART protocol communication. Based on offsetting theory and with help of electronics, the measuring range of these pressure transmitters can be shifted upwards or downwards, extending the measurement to neighboring pressure ranges, including negative pressures which are commonly requested in vacuum world.

Key Specifications:

Pressure Range 0~15mbar, …, ~68.9bar (differential)
0~75mbar, …, ~413.7bar (gauge)
0~374mbar, …, ~68.9bar (absolute)
Pressure Type differential, gauge, absolute
Static Pressure / Overload Pressure up to 520bar
Output Signal 4~20 mA with HART protocol
Accuracy up to 0.1%fs

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