BCM 1915/1995 Static Torque Transducers

Based on BCM’s advanced strain gauge technology, 1915/1995 static torque transducers are made from either alloy steel (1915) or stainless steel (1995) and sealed to IP 66 protection grade.

1915/1995 static torque transducers are operated in the following way: one side of the transducer is fixed as the stationary part, while the other side is as motion part which intends to have torsion shift corresponding to the stationary part. These transducers are designed for symmetric use, i.e., use in measuring torques in both directions: clockwise (positive torque) and anti-clockwise (negative torque).

Main Feature:

1915/1995 torque transducers can measure torque ranges from 100 lbin to 100 kNm with an accuracy up to 0.2%fs. On request, these transducers can be supplied as transmitters with conditioned signals such as 0~5 V can be obtained by integrating a signal conditioner PCB in the torque body.


1915/1995 torque transducers are widely used in torque wrench and torsion measurement of shaft

Key Specification:

Capacity 100lbin, …, 100kNm
Accuracy up to ±0.2%fs

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