WS Series Conditioning Instruments Catalog
WS-2401 Charge Amplifier

Charge amplifier type NAWS-2401 is a four functions amplifier consisting of charge amplifier, voltage amplifier, low-pass filter and integrator. It is a comprehensively equipped charge conditioning amplifier. It can be powered from external batt eries DC or AC power supply, making it useful both experiment in the field and in the laboratory.
WS-3811 Strain Gauge Signal Acquisition System
The WS-3811 series strain signal acquisition system is based on up to digital control and acquisition technology. The instrument is highly integrated. Its gain and cutoff frequency of filter are controlled by program. It directly collects strain signal and convert to digital data through computer¯s USB or Ethernet (TCP/IP protocol) interface.
WS-3811 Strain Gauge Signal Acquisition System
This WS-4601S unit is a high technology single channel IEPE amplifier which has an OLED Display and performs multiple functions like frequency filtering, signal integration

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