WS-63C Digital Pen Vibrometer
1. Overview


A digital pen vibrometer is a small pen like instrument which measures the acceleration, displacement and velocity.Generally,vibrometer is a two beam laser interferometer that measures the frequency (or phase) difference between an internal reference beam and a test beam. The most common type of laser in an LDV is the helium–neon laser, although laser diodes, fiber lasers, and Nd:YAG lasers are also used.
2. Main Features
  It may measure acceleration, velocity and displacement.
  Small size, light weight and easy to carry.
  Easy to operate with two control keys
  With automatic power shutdown function to save electricity
  Backlight function
3. Technical Specifications
Measuring range :
Acceleration: 0.01m/s2 ~ 199.9m/s2(Peak)
Velocity: 0.01mm/s ~ 199.9mm/s (RMS)
Displacement: 0.001mm ~ 1.999mm(Peak-peak)
Frequency Range:
Acceleration: 10Hz ~ 1kHz
Velocity: 10Hz ~ 1kHz
Displacement: 10Hz ~ 500Hz
Relative error: Reference sensitivity Uncertainty less than equal to 3%
Amplitude linearity relative error ± 5% ±2 Number
Frequency response relative error:
Frequency +10/-20% in the range of 10Hz <= f <= 20Hz
Frequency 5% in the range of 20Hz <= f <= 1000Hz
Display: 3 half-LCD. The display period is about one second
Power supply: 2 button batteries (CR2032)
Battery life: Continuous work time is about 5 hours. The standby time of about 1 year.
Environment: Temperature 0°C ~ 40°C, relative humidity =85%
Dimensions: 154.5x23.5x18.7mm
Weight: about 40g (including two batteries)

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