WS-4601S Multifunction IEPE Amplifier

1. Overview


This WS-4601S unit is a high technology single channel IEPE amplifier which has an OLED Display and performs multiple functions like frequency filtering, signal integration
2. Main Features
  LED Overload indicator
  0.96 inch OLED display screen display the setting parameters directly.
  Built-in dual integrator circuit (one and two times integration
  Low-pass filter. Filtering frequency from 1Hz to 50Hz is adjustable
  Each unit has independent wide range DC power supply
  Analogue signal output facilitate to any combination with other instruments
3. Technical Specifications
  •Channel: 1 channel per unit
•Input range: ±5V
•Output voltage: ±10V
•Gain: 1, 10, 100, 1000
Accelerometer: ?±5%;
Velocity: <=±0.5%;
Displacement: <=±2%;

•Measuring Frequency range:
Accelerometer: 0.3Hz 50kHz;
Velocity: 1Hz 10kHz;
Displacement: 1Hz 1kHz;
•Low-pass filter: Adjustable from 1Hz to 50kHz;
It is attenuation slope of -80dB±1dB/Oct;
•LED Over load display, when input signal >-9.8V;
•SNR: >50dB;
•Output DC offset: ?±10mV;
•Dual Color LED shows working status (Blue Working Properly, Red Overload);
•Excite voltage: 24VDC;
•Output resistance: <1?;
Input connector: Female BNC, Rear Panel
Output connector: Female BNC;
•Working temperature and humidity -10 50? and <85%RH;
•Power supply: 9 18VDC and Current ? 200mA;
•Dimension: W50×H125×D240mm and Weight: 1kg;


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