WS-ZHT1 Multi-function Rotor Experment Bench
The experiment bench is mainly used for teaching demonstration and experiments for students. It is designed for the mechanics discipline of colleges and universities. The device is characterized as compact in structure, small in size, convenient for operation, and it can be used for various experiments of rotating machinery with its large number of demonstration items and advanced testing means.

Contents of Experiment

(1) Base vibration and shaft vibration and phase changes when rotor rotates at critical rotational speed
(2) Critical speed measurement of rotating shaft
(3) The influence of different rotor structure model on critical speed of rotor
(4) Measuring the vibration modal of flexible rotors
(5) Oil whirl and whip of sliding oil-bearing
(6) Radial vibration and axis displacement (simulation) of non-contact testing shaft (Lisajours Figure)
(7) Dynamic balance
(8) Bode figure
(9) Three dimensional analysis of real-time waterfall diagram of a rotor

Experiment Sample Figures
Spectrum analysis of the rotor
Lisajours figure of axis orbit
Lisajours figure of oil whirl of sliding oil bearing
Lisajours figure of oil whip of sliding oil bearing
Rotor three-dimensional real-time waterfall
Rotor three-dimensional real-time histogram

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