WS-BLADE Blade Vibration Teaching System
"The blade vibration teaching system" is designed for complete experimental teaching system of mechanical discipline in university. Combining with the teaching theory course in university, this teaching system provide a whole set of experimental equipment for the students. So that students can deepen learning theory through visual experiment. The experiment teaching is an essential device.
Component of the blade vibration teaching system
(1) Leaf blade integrated experimental vibration table
(2) The exciter and power amplifier
(3) A piezoelectric accelerometer sensor
(4) A impact hammer with force sensor
(5) Vibration comprehensive teaching instrument (including program-controlled signal, 2 channel charge amplifier, 8 channel data acquisition)
(6) The vibration analysis software for teaching
(7) Computer (Optional)
Contents of Experiment


The simple harmonic vibration amplitude and frequency measurement
(2) The natural frequency of the blade measuring By the method of sine sweeping
(3) Blade structure modal experiment By the method of impact hammer
The Blade's Modal Shape
1st Modal Shape 68.09Hz
2nd Modal Shape 245.05Hz
1st Torsion Modal Shape 655.54Hz
3rd Modal Shape 831.24Hz

[Note]: The modal shapes of the blade are slightly different with the material and size of the blade from factory. The above diagram is for reference only.

Diagram of the blade teaching system