WS Teaching Equipments Catalog
WS-ZHT2 Vibration Comprehensive Experiment Teaching System

"Vibration Comprehensive Experimental Teaching System" is designed for colleges and universities. The system is for the mechanics discipline, civil engineering structures and mechanical disciplines. Combined with institutions of higher learning teaching theory courses, the full set of test methods may provide students with laboratory equipment to enable students to learn through visual experiments to deepen their theory. The system is an essential teaching experimental device...
WS-ZHT1 Multi-function Rotor Experment Bench Teaching System

The experiment bench is mainly used for teaching demonstration and experiments for students. It is designed for the mechanics discipline of colleges and universities. The device is characterized as compact in structure, small in size, convenient for operation, and it can be used for various experiments of rotating machinery with its large number of demonstration items and advanced testing means...
WS-MMT1 Multifunctional Experimental Equipment

This product is mainly used for experiments for Mechanics of Materials in Engineering Colleges. You can do a variety of experiments on mechanics of materials on this device, with only slight changes of the device for each experiment.

Load is provided by a spiral worm gear. Measurement is performed on load with a force sensor and on strain with a strain gage. The test bench's structure is compact, load can be steadily provided, and it is simple for student to operate. It can produce high quality experimental results with this device. Other tests can be added to the device as needed. The strain instrument inside the device can connect to a computer where data acquisition and processing can be performed.

This product is designed with enclosed steel frame and cast composition with careful surface treatment. It is a durable fastening structure. For each type of experiment, the product equips with specimens and surface treatment samples and accessories.
WS-MMT2 Pure Bending Beam Experiment Bench
In bridges, building structures and other engineering projects, pure bending deformation is very common. In this experiment, strain and deflection is measured to analyze the basic properties of structures and materials. If the equipment is slightly modified, you can perform the experiment of bar stability, concentric tension and compression, eccentric tension and compression and so on. The experiment only enables students to learn the dialectical relationship between theory and practice, but also enhances their practical abilities...
WS-MMT3 Bending and Torsion Experimental Bench
The transmission shaft and crank shaft and so on in engineering and mechanical equipments, the majority deformation form is bending and torsion. This product can be used to measure strain, principal stress and principal stress direction under the combined stresses. It is an ideal tool to solve the problem of composite deformation under the combined stresses...
WS-Z30 Earthquake Shaking Table Teaching System

There are three types of Earthquake shaking tables: hydraulic type, mechanical type, and electromagnetic type. An earthquake shaking table is an indispensable device in structural earthquake resistance, natural frequency measurement, vibration analysis. The cost of a shaking table depends on its size, performance, and the corresponding supporting equipments. Generally it costs several hundred thousand to over a million dollars to build one shaking table and the maintenance costs are high. Therefore, it may be too costly for many institutions and new institutions of science and engineering to buy such equipment. Even they could afford and purchase such equipment, it would still be difficult and unsuitable for it to be used for general teaching purposes. The "WS-Z30 earthquake shaking table system" produced by our company is specially designed for institutions of science and engineering. It has nearly the same features and exactly the same content of experiment of a large vibration table but with much lower costs. It is very suitable for teaching. It enables students to study through experiments, to understand and master the methods needed in vibration experiments, thus laying the foundation of their future involvement for the construction of medium or large vibration tables...
WS-BLADE Blade Vibration Teaching System
"The blade vibration teaching system" is designed for complete experimental teaching system of mechanical discipline in university. Combining with the teaching theory course in university, this teaching system provide a whole set of experimental equipment for the students. So that students can deepen learning theory through visual experiment. The experiment teaching is an essential device.

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