WS-DISP1 Displacement Sensor Calibrator

1. Overview


NAWS-DISP1 type displacement calibrator is designed for the calibration of displacement sensors. It can be used for the calibration of eddy current sensor, inductive sensor, LVDT displacement sensor and cable extension displacement sensor, eddy sensor, etc. The gap between sensor and calibration disk can be adjusted by rotating the dial gauge's handle. Displacement sensor can be calibrated by measuring displacement sensor's output signal (voltage or current) and its corresponding displacement from its dial gauge.
2. Technical Specifications
  Type WS-DISP1
Displacement Range: 20mm
Dial Gauge Resolution: 0.001mm (Digital)
Dial Gauge Producer: Germany
Disk Size: Ø60mm, Ø30mm, Thick 4
Disk Material: 45# steel (Black Color)
Desk Material: LY12 aluminum
  Dimension (mm): 318x110x83 (12.52x4.33x3.27")
5 sensor sockets with screw threads: M12x1, M14x1, M16x1, M18x1, M20x1
3. Diagram
  unit: mm

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