WS Calibration Products
WS-5926C Accelerometer Calibration System

A sensor's frequency response and sensitivity is a very important technical indicator for a its designing and its vibration signal measurement. The system is designed for the calibration of the accelerometer's frequency response curve and sensitivity. The calibrating procedure is automatically controlled by a computer. The system is used to measure the frequency and amplitude of a standard reference accelerometer and the sensor to be calibrated. The sensor's frequency response curve and sensitivity is thus calibrated by comparison of the different measurements (the so-called back-to-back method).
WS-DISP1 Displacement Sensor Calibrator

WS-DISP1 type displacement calibrator is designed for the calibration of displacement sensors. It can be used for the calibration of eddy current sensor, inductive sensor, LVDT displacement sensor and cable extension displacement sensor, etc. The gap between sensor and calibration disk can be adjusted by rotating the dial gauge's handle. Displacement sensor can be calibrated by measuring displacement sensor's output signal (voltage or current) and its corresponding displacement from its dial gauge.
WS-JX-3 Portable Sensor Calibrator
WS-JX-3 is a new vibration calibration station for the field applied to the sensor and instrument calibration. It is widely used for various types of sensor calibration in laboratory and the workplace.WS-JX-3 instrument layout is reasonable, easy to carry and digital display magnitude of acceleration, velocity and displacement.
WS-JX-2 HandheldSensor Calibrator
The model WS-JX-2 handheld sensor calibrator is an integrated rechargeable battery which you can be hold in your hands alone for calibration of small vibration acceleration, velocity, displacement calibrator. It can be used for the calibration of vibration measurement, monitoring and recording system.

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