WS-JX-2 Handheld Sensor Calibrator

1. Overview


The model WS-JX-2 handheld sensor calibrator is an integrated rechargeable battery which you can be hold in your hands alone for calibration of small vibration acceleration, velocity, displacement calibrator. It can be used for the calibration of vibration measurement, monitoring and recording system.
2. Main Features
  The measured weight of sensor should be less than 70 grams.
  Mounting holes is the M5.
  The vibration level of the calibrator is 10m/s²
  During operation, the operator does not need to adjust.
  The working frequency of the calibrator is 79.6Hz or 159.2Hz.
  It may provide ideal calibration accuracy for general engineering measurements.
3. Technical Specifications
  • Working Frequency : 79.6Hz , 159.2Hz.
• Acceleration : 10m/s² (rms).
• Velocity : 20mm/s(rms) , 10mm/s(rms).
• Displacement : 0.040mm(rms) , 0.010mm(rms).
• Distortion <3% .
• Mounting holes : M5.
• Power supply : 3.7V/2000mAh Rechargeble.
• Working Period : 2 Minute.
• Dimensions : ø52×145mm.
• Net weight : 700g
• Working Temperature : -10~40°C
• Relative humidity is <85%
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