WS-5920 Series LAN Data Acquisition Instrument

1. Overview


WS-5920 series LAN data acquisition instrument is specification product using computer's Network interface. Acquisition speed close to the same level with the A/D card inside computer. The products also use the automatic channel scanning technology and FIFO buffer memory. Which has the ability to automatically collect data block and high data transmission efficiency. Real-time data can be successfully and rapidly acquisited. The products are suitable for field and laboratory tests.
2. Main Features
  • Network interface supports plug and play mode
• Network cable length is up to 100m
• Optical cable is able to use
• It is computer's external device which is easily to use
• Data acquisition software included
3. Technical Specifications
   Total sample rate: 100kS/s, 200kS/s
Resolution: 16Bits
Input type: Unipolar - single ended
Number of channel: 16 or 32
Input analogue range: ±10V
Programmable gain: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16
Input connector: Female BNC connector
FiFo buffer: 32kB
Timer counter: 8254
Interface: Network with TCP/IP protocol
Power supply: 12V or AC110 to 220V for synchronization acquisition
Weight: 2600g (5.73 lb)
Dimension (handle isn't included): 320x205x90mm (13.00x8.07x3.54")
Environmental: -20 to 50°C (-4 to 122°F)
Accessories: 1 LAN cable, 1 Power cable, 1 Suitcase
Suport software: NAWS-DAQ

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