WS-5926 Data Logger
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1. Overview


In practical engineering tests, be able to use portable data acquisition recorder is very convenient. This product is mainly designed for power plants on-site vibration monitoring, vehicle vibration monitoring, machinery and equipment on-site testing, vibration testing tunnels, bridges and cable testing, high-altitude or mine vibration detection. This instrument does not need a computer. It can be used independently without computer. There are rechargeable battery inside.
The instruments designed with ultra-low-power components and work for long time with inside battery.

This product is widely used in electric power, metallurgy, petrochemical, chemical and other industrial environments.

With built-in large capacity memory, it can record data for a long time. Built-in software has following function: manual data acquisition, trigger data acquisition, timing of data acquisition, data file management, and communication with host computer (with net interface).

2. Main Features and Technical Specifications
   Type WS-5926
1) Continuous data acquisition
2) Manual or Trigger data acquisition
3) Oscilloscope display
4) Acquisition waveform display
5) Format conversion (For MatLAB, Excel, ASCII)
6) A/D Channels 8 (Voltage Input)
7) ICP input channels 8 (Optional)
8) A/D resolution 16 Bits
9) Input Range 10Volt
10) The maximum sampling frequency 80kHz
11) Memory (SD card) 16GB
12) Color screen with resolution 640x480 pixels
13) Battery working hours 5 ~ 7
14) External power supply DC12V
15) Dimensions 28.7x19.4x7.4cm (11.42x7.48x2.95")
16) Interface USB
17) Case Material ABS plastic and aluminum alloy inside
18) Weight 2.9kg
19) Environment: -20 to 60°C (-4 to 140°F)
3. Dimension and Interface Description
Unit: mm

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