IEPE Accelerometer for Industrial Environment

The IEPE Accelerometer is especially designed for using in industrial environment with bad condition. The IEPE accelerometer is plug by TNC connector in sturdy and durable connection. The TNC connector is protected fall off during usage. The IEPE accelerometers are widely used in industrial field environment test.

Product Features
  ¤ The built-in IEPE preamplifier.
  ¤ Maximum of 1000 meters long distance transmission.
  ¤ Low noise is less than or equal to 0.3mV.

  ¤ Durable connector for using in industrial enviroment.
Specification Magnetic Block Accelerometer
Product Type NAWS-19T,Sensitivity: 100mV/g, The Maximum Measurable Acceleration: 50g
NASW-20T,Sensitivity: 500mV/g, The Maximum Measurable Acceleration: 25g
Frequency Response 0.2 to 15000Hz
Resonant Frequency 30kHz
Linearity Error <1%
Transverse Sensitivity <3%
Temperature Range -20 to +120 Celsius
Case Material Stainless Steel
Install Screw Thread M5
Internal Structure the Plane Shear
Weight 35g
Output Mode the top line
Supporting the
Magnetic Block
In order to fasten the sensor at the point of measurement, the magnetic block is specially designed and can be fixed on the plane or cambered surface and easy to use.


  ¤ The sensor certificate (with frequency response curve)
  ¤ The 2 meters diameter 6mm TNC-BNC low noise cable
  ¤ M5 2 link bolt
  ¤ Product packaging box
  ¤ Magnetic Block (optional)


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