WS Series Sensor, Impact Hammer, Accessories
IEPE Accelerometer for Industrial Environment
The IEPE Accelerometer is especially designed for using in industrial environment with bad condition. The IEPE accelerometer is plug by TNC connector in sturdy and durable connection. The TNC connector is protected fall off during usage. TheIEPE accelerometers are widely used in industrial field environment test.
LC Series Impact Hammer

LC Series impact hammer is a major tool for modern structural dynamics test. Impact hammer method is used to measure structural modal shape and natural frequency. Hammer is widely used in scientific research in universities, institutions, and for the design of industrial equipments. The impact Hammer has contributed to the rapid spread of transient test.
BX Series Strain Gaoges

The BX series strain gauges are used to measure the strain of some materials during the test of tension and compression. They will be used with still and dynamic strain instruments.
Standard Accessories

Mounting magnet, magnetic base, adapter, low-noise cable, cable reel, etc.
SC Series Safety Equipment Case
Satety Equipment Case was made by professionals. It is highly durable, airtight, watertight, moisture proof, dustproof, and shockproof. With toughest foam as protective padded dividers, it is an ideal case for storing valuable equipments. It is widely used in the fields of public security, fire emergency, military, aviation, field investigation, scientific exploration, outdoor photography and special measurement.

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