SW-60 Handheld Laser Distance Meter

1. Overview


A laser distance meter emits a pulse of laser at a target. The pulse then reflects off the target and back to the sending device (in this case, a laser distance meter). This "time of flight" principle is based on the fact that laser light travels at a fairly constant speed through the Earth’s atmosphere. Inside the meter, a simple computer quickly calculates the distance to target. This method of distance calculation is capable of measuring the distance from the Earth to the moon within a few centimeters. Laser distance meters may also be referred to as “range finders” or “laser range finders.”
2. Main Features

• Compared with standard laser meter the size of pen type product    is significantly reduced.
• Laser range finders are equipped with 6th generationoptical   system.
• Cooperating with the latest hardware and software they give the   exact distance within a blink.
• The hardware structure makes the product anti-shock,dust proof   and raindrop proof.

3. Technical Specifications
  Inside the box - Laser distance meter,power supply AAA,User's Manual,Portable Bag,Portable Bag,Hand Strap,Giftbox,Reflector.


Item Specification
Working Range 40m 50m 60m 70m 80m 90m 100m 120m 150m
Smallest Unit Displayed 0.05mm
Measuring Accuracy ±2mm.
Continuous Distance Measuring (Tracking) yes
Area/Volume yes
Pythagoras Measuring yes
Length/Area/Volume/Addition/Subtraction yes
Max & Minimum Value yes
Skating Out yes
Delay Measurement yes
Self-Calibration yes
Back Piece yes
Bubble yes
Backlight yes
Laser Class 2
Laser Type 635 nm <1 mW
Record 100pcs
Auto Laser Off 20 s
Auto Switch Off 150 s
Power Supply AAA 2x1.5V
Battery Life Upto 8000 Times
Storage Temperature -20°C.........+60°C
Working Temperature  0..............+40°C
Storage Humidity RH 85%
Dimensions 118x54x26.5 mm
4. Applications

For more information about the system, please contact sales@sensor.in