GM8903-Benetech Hot Wire Anemometer
1. Overview


An anemometer is a device used for measuring the speed of wind, and is also a common weather station instrument. Hot wire anemometers use a very fine wire (on the order of several micrometres) electrically heated to some temperature above the ambient. Air flowing past the wire cools the wire. As the electrical resistance of most metals is dependent upon the temperature of the metal (tungsten is a popular choice for hot-wires), a relationship can be obtained between the resistance of the wire and the flow speed
Hot-wire anemometers, while extremely delicate, have extremely high frequency-response and fine spatial resolution compared to other measurement methods, and as such are almost universally employed for the detailed study of turbulent flows, or any flow in which rapid velocity fluctuations are of interest.

2. Main Features
  Measurement of wind velocity, temperature and flow
  Unit conversion of wind velocity, temperature and flow
  Measurement of maximum and minimum wind velocity
  Measurement of 2/3 Vmax and average wind flow
  Data holding, storing and deleting function
  Low battery indicating function
  Auto power off function (power off automatically if no further operation for 10 minutes )
  Memory of 350 records
  Large LCD display
  Audio key pressing alert
  Connecting to PC with USB cable
3. Technical Specifications
  3.1. Wind Velocity Range :
Unit Wind Velocity Resolution Lowest point of Start Value Accuracy
m/s 0.0-30.0 0.001 0.3 ±3%±0.1
Ft/min 0.0-5860 0.01/0.1/1 60 ±3%±20
Knots 0.0-55.0 0.01/0.01 0.6 ±3%±0.2
Km/h 0.0-90.0 0.001 1.0 ±3%±0.4
Mph 0.0-65.0 0.001/0.01 0.7 ±3%±0.2
  3.2. Wind flow range :

CMM: 0-999900 m³ /min
CFM : 0-999900 ft³/min

Unit Range Resolution Area
CFM (ft³/min) 0-999900 0.001-100 0.001-9999
CMM (m³ /min) 0-999900 0.001-100 0.001-9999
  3.3. Air Temperature Range :
Unit Scale Resolution Accuracy
°C 0.0-45.0 0.1 ±1.0°C
°F 32.0-113.0 0.1 ±1.8°F
    Inside the box: Hot Wire Anemometer, Probe, Cloth pouch ,Yellow sticker pocket, Software Disc For Anemometer USB Computer connecting cable 1.5V AAA alkaline battery , English Instruction Manual
  3.4 Application





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