GM1362-Benetech Humidity and Temperature Meter
1. Overview


This digital humidity and temperature meter features high precision, quick response and high stability, can measure the temperature and humidity of the local environment for further analysis.
This unit has been widely applied in household, intelligent estate, subway, shopping mall for process control.
2. Main Features
  °C/°F unit conversion function
  MAX/MIN button

3. Technical Specifications

   3.1 Humidity : Range:0%~100%RH
Range Resolution Precision
0-20% 0.1 4.5%
20-80% 0.1 3%
80-100% 0.1 4.5%
  3.2 Temperature :Range:-30°C~70°C  
Range Resolution Precision
-30°C~0°C 0.1°C /0.2°F 1.0°C
0°C~70°C 0.1°C /0.2°F 0.5°C
-22°F~32°F 0.1°C /0.2°F 1.8°F
32°F~158°F 0.1°C /0.2°F 0.9°F
    Size: 152x35.5x52.5mm, Weight :92.7g  

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