GM100-Benetech Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
1. Overview


Ultrasonic thickness gauging is a widely used nondestructive test technique for measuring the thickness of a material. This ultrasonic thickness gauge is an intelligent handhold product, which adopts ultrasonic measuring principle, and is controlled by microprocessor, provides quick and precise measurement of thickness for most of industrial material.
2. Main Features
  Auto calibration to ensure the accuracy.
  Auto linear compensation: this advanced software program enhances the precision by correcting the non-linear accuracy of transducer.
  10 thickness measurement storage and recall function Available
  Sound velocity measurement
  Low battery indication
Auto power off mode is included
3. Technical Specifications
   Display Type : 4-digital LCD display
Minimum display unit : 0.1 mm
Working frequency : 5MHz
Measuring range : 1.2 to 225.0mm (steel)
Minimum limit for tube measuring: ?20*3mm (steel)
Accuracy : +/- (1%H+0.1) mm H denotes the measured thickness.
Sound velocity range : 1000 to 9999 m/s
Measuring range of sound velocity with a given thickness : 1000 to 9999 m/s.
Operation temperature : 0 to 40
Power supply : 3*1.5V AAA alkaline batteries
Size : 72*146*29mm
Weight : 202g
Inside the box: Main unit-1PCS , Transducer: (10mm 5MHz ) 1PCS ,Coupling agent: 1PCS(50ml),4mm Sample block: 1PCS

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